Two Naija Big Boys: Mompha Hangs Out With Jowi Zaza in his Lamborghini

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SWITZERLAND, JUNE 22 – Malaysian based Nigerian socialite, Mompha recently hung out with Lagos big boy and socialite, Jowi Zaza in his Lamborghini Aventador reportedly worth N115 Million.

In a latest video posted by Jowi Zaza, the two big boys are seen having fun.

“Jowi Zaza, Jowi Zaza. Na you be the only pesin wey dey worry me for Lagos!” Mompha is seen screaming in delight.

Back in 2017, Today’s Echo unveiled Jowi Zaza, the mysterious young Nigerian billionaire who has been enjoying his wealth in the background but is now known to many in the Lagos Social cycles.

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Jowi Zaza drives the latest, sleekest of cars and hangs around in the poshest places. You will always find him lounging and hanging out in places like the Al Jumeirah in Dubai, the Red-light district in Amsterdam, New York, the Caribbean, London, Turkey, and a host of others.

Shina Peller, the Quilox night club boss and now House of Representatives member recently dubbed Jowi Zaza, ‘Enjoyment President’.

Watch video here:

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