Twitter slay queen narrates how desperation for ‘big boobs’ got her into trouble

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Popular Twitter slay queen, @mother confessor, has narrated how her desperation for big boobs caused her embarrasment when she was in secondary school. Read the story below:

“When I was in secondary School, I was crying everyday for 3 reasons.. 1.I no get brezz 2.I no get pimples 3.All the cute boys will be running after the girls with big boobs and pimples. It was a very painful something..the guys wil say “u r not matured yet”

So I thought maybe if I have big brezz and pimples the guys will toast me too..  I noticed my friends don’t eat groundnut, puff puff , they say the oil will give u pimples..oshey.. exactly wat I was looking for.. I started eating groundnut everyday

I will eat and eat till I will want to throw up.. I did it for months..nothing..not even pim appeared on my face..I was tired but I didn’t give up. It was really bad ooo .I was in SS class but I no dey use bra..all my friends brezz wan fall come out for chest

Wen the teacher say run from gate to ur class ..u go see girls dey use one hand hold brezz as they dey run..weytin me wan hold..I go just dey run.. most of my friends didn’t do sport but I did. Anyway Sha, I got tired of not using bra so I went to the market

I bought bra..I can’t forget that day.. I was so happy.. the next day.. I went to school, I wore my bra, but no brezz for the bra to pack so the bra was just doing anyhow .. and our uniform is white shirt so u can see the bra but no boobs in it

One of my friend now say weytin b this..she now pressed it and the brezz was not there.. they started laughing at me.. The next day I went to school with my bra..this time i put socks inside the uniform now had shape ..wawu..I was ready for school was not a funny something that day… People started wondering how I got boobs overnight. Even my teachers noticed I had boobs..u can imagine, I had boobs and my teachers noticed wey no get brezz yesterday suddenly had one overnight

One of the girls in my class now shouted excuse me ma to the teacher “she put something inside her bra” aye mi.. everybody started teacher now said I should go and remove it and not come to school with wat I put in my bra..mehn bullies plenty

She now said if u want’s not by like this.. just day it will be big and u will be tired of it sef. Anyway fast forward to today..the brezz never still big .. e just dey der.. make e no b like say e no dey..

But u see ehn.. I will tell u the advantage of having small brezz.. I saw a post yesterday and the lady talked about having small boobs and it will stand..omo mehn na true ooo.. U wil go out and u no go wear bra , ur brezz go stand straight dey point der eye

No difference if we wear bra or not..only say d bra go stop d nipples from firing shots at u. We can run without holding brezz But we can’t pull off some sexy dress wey open for front but we don’t care. I join the ASBM (Association of small boobs matters)”

See some of her tweets below:


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