Toke Makinwa and Don Jazzy flirt openly on Twitter

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This has got to be one of the coolest series of tweets you might see today, as Toke Makinwa and Donjazzy are shooting their shots at each other on Twitter.

It all started with a tweet from DonJazzy which kind of tipped off Toke Makinwa to reply him.

DonJazzy had taken to his Twitter page yesterday, where he tweeted about looking for the “complete one” and made references to Toke Makinwa.

Una Dey look for bae wey be #thecompleteone, even Toke. (Don’t tag her o) Me I”m just here, as a hungry bachelor, wondering how long it will take Indomie to make noodles that comes with real fish or chicken inside. That one go definitely be complete bae,” he tweeted.

He continued; “@tokstarr Hello Beautiful. Hope all is well with you? I just said I should check on you o. ��

Well, guess Toke Makinwa who tweeted about #thecompleteone few days ago, got a hint of the tweet as she went on to reply him swiftly.

Hey Donjazzy I saw your tweet o, wait are you #Thecompleteone?” she tweeted.

And Don Jazzy joined in it as he too replied her back.

Ahh I for complete but the way my nose is set up ehn. And I’m not sure I have the right size down there too . Maybe if I looked like those Kupe boys,” he tweeted back.

Then guys, Toke like the bold woman she is, went for the killer!

Your nose is cute plus I think we can start with dinner the rest we find out after,” she wrote.

If this date goes as planned and hopefully it turns into something special, then we have the biggest celebrity couple in Nigeria in the making!

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