Rappers Ikechukwu, brother exchange hot slaps

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The video of Nigerian rappers, Ikechukwu and brother Uzikwendu exchanging slaps has gone viral since the latter posted it on Instagram.

Although, the reason for the show of strength is yet to be deciphered, but accompanying the video were these words by Uzi “I just wanted to put this out there before it goes viral , as my proof that I did not start this. I didn’t hit him first, I was provoked. Sorry about this everyone. And to the camera guy thanks for the proof! You saved me with this one.
I pray it’s only broken bones and nothing more.”

However, comments trailing the video imply that it was all a show dramatically put up for followers, and corroborating this is another video of Ikechukwu and Uzikwendu laughing shortly after posting the video.

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