Pete Edochie Under Fire For Criticizing Men Who Kneel to Propose to Women(Video)

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Veteran Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie is currently trending on Twitter after rceiving backlash for his statement on the the modern way of proposing, which involves the man kneeling to ask the woman’s hand in maraige.

On Thursday, Edochie shocked many when he said any man who kneels down to propose to a girl is an idiot.

In a video making the rounds online, the respected actor is seen speaking to a man behind the camera, giving his reasons why no man should propose on his knees.

“Any man who gets down on his knee to propose to a girl is not just an idiot but a bloody fool, he’s a compound buffoon” the actor declared.

When the man recording the conversation asked why, Edochie explained that if a man kneels down to propose to his woman, it means that the girl has taken over the family.

See some of the comments on Twitter:

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