Nollywood: Femi Fani-Kayode Makes Acting Debut Alongside His Wife

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SWITZERLAND, MARCH 03 – These are interesting times for the Nollywood industry as former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has officially joined the movie scene. Popularly known as FFK, he took to his Facebook page to share to the news. Sharing series of photos on the platform, he spoke on his excitement about making a cameo appearance in my debut movie which is a series titled “Silent Prejudice”.

Staring alongside veterans Larry Koldsweat and Obi Idejimba, FFK stated he felt honoured.
Speaking on his experience shooting the film, he wrote: “We were on set the whole afternoon and, though gruelling, it was a great experience and tremendous fun! Many do not know just how hard actors work and the energy and discipline that goes into their craft. Being a thespian is no mean feat. It requires total dedication and focus and, having been through what I experienced on Saturday, my respect for them is boundless.”

He explained that the series is about the evils associated with the Osu cast system and has the full endorsement and participation of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission whose executive secretary, Tony Ojukwu, also makes an appearance. FFK’s wife who is also an actress stars in the film and he revealed she was present on set giving her support.

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