Mr P’s unquenchable obsession for Michael Jackson

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The over 10 million dedicated fans of Paul Okoye (Mr P), ace member of the defunct P. Square, know him to be a prolific entertainer, whose gripping dance moves bear similarity to that of the late king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Right from his days as a member of P. Square- the biggest and most consistent pop group ever to come out from Africa, he has often displayed loyal discipleship in terms of dance moves and gestures of that of his childhood hero Michael Jackson.

No one had it in mind that such ‘loyalty’ to the Michael Jackson rhythm would continue for this long, especially now that he has achieved so much with P. Square, and has moved on to become an independent artist.

Currently, as an individual artist, virtually all of his releases has some Michael Jackson rhythm to them, either by representation in his dance moves, costume, and concept.

All of his hit tracks, whether ‘Cool it down’, ‘Look into my eyes’, or ‘Ebeano’ all have Michael Jackson’s delicate dance steps and sharp movement in them.

Most artist don’t go this far to literally embody their mentors this way, especially the successful ones in Mr P’s substace.

To use a foreign example, a lot of successful hip-hop artist usually see the late Tu-pac shakur as their mentor. But not much of them end up with the same style as him. In fact, for many, nothing in their style could make you suggest that Tu-pac is their hero, except they say it.

Rihanna is known as a big Beyonce fan before, and possibly during stardom. But both artist have analogous singing technics and style.

Hence, for Mr P, who has been a Michael Jackson admirer since childhood, so much reveals that he is not just a loyal Michael Jackson fan, but a solid disciple who is not willing to give up on Michael Jackson’s ideals in a hurry.

While he represents the continuing flavour that P. Square fans love to savour, and the current flow which his new brand, Mr P offers, he serves as the energy and delicate rythm which billions of M.J fans love to enjoy anyday even in their sleep.

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