Meaning and Origin of Twitter Phrase ‘Sco pa tu manaa’

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Have you ever come across the phrase ‘Sco pa tu manaa’ on Twitter lately? We all have. These days, it shows up on my feed like every second and it’s very annoying that nobody will tell me what it means.

The phrase has been mentioned by Twitter users across the world; Africans, Americans, even Indians. Yet few have bothered to check out the origin.

Well, I did some internet search, asked a few questions from my friends and was able to learn a thing or two about the phrase.

Cherry(not real name), who seems to be one of the trendiest people in my office told me people use it to ask ‘what do you think about this?’

Further enquiry confirmed her assertion and even gave me more details

‘Sco pa tu manaa’ actually originated from Ghana. viral phrase traces its origin to Ghanaian musician Patapaa who used it in the music video for his song ‘Daavi Neba’. The only thing is, the rapper is known for using gibberish in his songs and this phrase is also just a random phrase.

According to the Urban Dictionary, it doesn’t mean anything, at least not in any Ghanaian languages but has been given the meaning “WHAT IS YOUR OPINION ON THIS MATTER” by Ghanaians on Twitter as an inside joke.

Nobody uses “Sco Pa Tu Manaa” in any spoken languages in Ghana. It’s just used on Twitter

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