Game of Thrones: Toke Makinwa mad at Daenerys

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Celebrity Toke Makinwa is mad at the dragon queen Daenerys Tagayrean after watching episode 4, season 8 of HBO’s blockbuster TV series; Game of Thrones.

“This week’s episode of GOT fucked with me, I am so mad at Dany, she’s literally becoming the mad queen,” Toke fumed on Twitter, recanting the dragon queen’s series of mistakes in the latest episode, leading to the death of Missandei, one of the loveliest characters in the series.

“Darny is becoming my least favorite character, her emotions her the best part of her. Everything the throne, she’s forgotten why she started this journey.

“She started to free everyone in chains, she knew what it was like but now the thirst of the throne is distracting her from the obvious.”

Toke believes Daenerys should listen more to Sansa Stark, the lady of Winterfell, who has been proven right on several occasions to make sound political judgement but is often underestimated, even by her half brother/cousin; Jon Snow.

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