Dbanj’s Former Manager Reveals New Information on Rape Allegation

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 6 – Dbanj’s former manager, Franklin Amuda has revealed new chilling details on what he knew about the rape allegation against the music star.

Dbanj is currently embroiled in a rape scandal after a lady, Seyitan Babatayo, accused him of gaining access to her hotel room and forcefully having sex with her after a party in December 2018. Subsequently, Seyitan alleged that Dbanj’s management harassed her with policemen, abducted her, and forced her to make announcements on the case.

Dbanj has denied the allegations, and is accusing Seyitan of blackmail. He has also reportedly sued her for N1.5 billion in damages.

Meanwhile, one of the principal witnesses in the case, and Dbanj’s former manager, Franklin Amuda, has opened up on his own account of the incidence.

In a heavily worded statement seen by Today’s Echo’s correspondent on Saturday, Amuda says he has been wrongly accused of collaborating with Seyitan to blackmail the music star. He said it has become imperative to narrate his own side of the story on the event that occurred 30th of December, 2018, at Glee Hotel, Lagos.

According to Amuda, he invited Seyitan, amongst other people to an All-White-Event at Eko Atlantic Hotel. Seyitan and they were seated in a table at this event with Ajia Mohammed and a lady, who are friends of D’banj.

He said he had to leave the party early as he had an early morning flight to catch to Accra, so he gave his hotel key card to Seyitan. He was however shocked to hear from Seyitan the next day that Dbanj had raped her.

“I gave Seyitan the Key-card to the room at the car park of the hotel and left.
Upon my arrival in Accra, Seyitan called, saying that D’banj gained access into her hotel room at Glee Hotel by 3am and raped her. I was shocked at this allegation because I wondered how D’banj gained access into this room knowing full well that I did not disclose my room number to him and he was not lodged at the hotel.

“Subsequently, I made a call to Ajia to narrate Seyitan’s accusation and he told me not to worry about it that he had given Seyitan $100, though he never told me what the money was for,” he said in the statement.

“I called Seyitan back to ask why she was given $100 and why she would claim she was raped by D’banj and she angrily replied in a series of voice notes reiterating the accusation and that she was told not to tell me because they assumed she was my girlfriend. She said she had left everything in God’s hands and made it clear that she was not interested in taking the matter to the public. I chose not to discuss this matter with D’banj because he and his wife were also in Accra as this was supposed to be a healing trip to recover from the loss of their son. I thought it was insensitive to discuss such issue on this trip, as Seyitan had even mentioned that she didn’t want the matter escalated further.

“Fast forward to the series of events of the last few weeks. I received several calls bringing my attention to the allegation of rape by Seyitan on D’banj. Thereafter, I got a WhatsApp message from Seyitan saying that D’banj did not have the right to say “ No To Rape” when he was culpable of such act, which was a reaction to a post D’banj had made on Instagram about rape. At the time, I believed that the two parties would address the issue
appropriately,” he added.

According to him, a week after the allegation broke, he started receiving calls from strange numbers and messages from social media making spurious accusations as the mastermind behind the whole rape saga.

“Most confounding was that Kemi Olunloyo, who never called me to hear my side of the narration, claimed that I was in the habit of arranging girls for artistes and that I was being ungrateful to D’banj by setting him up in collusion with Seyitan. I find this act of defamation very unscrupulous, malicious, mischievous and very damaging to my name and brand. My legal team has initiated moves to earnestly seek redress. The last, of course, has not been heard of this. I was invited by the IGP RT team to make a statement in respect of the allegations and I have since done that. The following week, I was invited by a team from the FCID ABUJA to the SFU station at Milverton, Ikoyi. I have since gone there and made my statement as requested. I was re-invited again to come in for certain clarifications on some aspects of the investigation, which I have also done. I was put on phone with the ACP from the DIG’s office in Abuja and she put me through the entire questioning process again for hours,” he continued.

“This experience has been very traumatic and demonstrates a sheer show of power, wealth and influence, considering that I have gone for questioning more than the accused or accuser. I have been harassed, scrutinized and invited several times by the police. My wife and young kids have known no sleep for the past three weeks due to this unwholesome situation. It has put a strain on my mental health, physical, financial and the general wellbeing of my family.

“As a father and husband, I condemn rape and as a business owner, I know the devastating effect of false accusations. It is my sincere hope that the police would be honourable enough to thoroughly investigate this matter and clarify the situation,” he added.

Dbanj is yet to respond to Amuda’s statement.

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