Breaking: Legendary Singer, Majek Fashek Seriously Sick, Admitted in UK Hospital(Video)

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 10- Reggae Star, Majek Fashek is reportedly seriously sick and was taken into the hospital in the United Kingdom on Saturday September 7.

He is said to be Suffering from an undisclosed sickness.

A source in the singer’s circle says Majek Fashek has been hospitalized in United Kingdom. “Majek cannot eat, talk or do anything on his own, he is battling to stay alive,” the media source said.

There are also unconfirmed reports that Majek Fashek is in dire Need of 2.2 Million Naira Over Illness

In a video showing the legendary singer being taken into the hospital, a frail Majek Fashek is accompanied by his manager, Emeka Uzo whose voice can be heard in the background.

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