Alleged Assault: Uber Driver Replies Khloe Of BBNaija

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Following the cry for help earlier sent out by Abiri Oluwabusayomi, A.K.A, Khloe regarding an alleged assault by an Uber driver, the man in question, Abdulsalam Lanre has come forth with a response.

Abdulsalam who is assumed to be a father judging from the photos on his Instagram page, went under Khloe’s post and the trail of comments to drop his own version of what actually played out, saying that he neither touched nor verbally abused Khloe contrary to what she wrote.

His words, “This is why we are easily cajoled in this country, she came on social media and lied vividly on the incident that happened, I don’t need a low life person to trend for I trend in the Almighty’s blessings. Please pray for her for she needs help for living a double life by pretending to be a nice and calm person to the public but a devil in disguise for I have a video of the incident, thank God it was documented. For not a single finger was laid on her and moreover after telling me how stupid I am that really escalated the issue that got me angry and all I told her was I don’t exchange words with shenanigans like her for people with linguistic and fragmented characters like her are not my type. IT’S ME THE UBER DRIVER SHE’S REFERRING TO…..PLEASE BEWARE OF DOUBLE FACED HUMANS FOR THEY ARE MORE DEADLY THAN VENOMOUS SNAKES. “

However, his response received knocks, criticisms and condemnation as followers of the reality TV star refused to be cajoled nor won over by his version of the truth.

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