Couple Dead After Falling While Kissing on a Bridge

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A couple plunged 50ft to their deaths from a bridge while hugging and kissing against a railing on a night out.

Distressing CCTV footage shows Hector Vidal and Maybeth Espinoza falling over the barrier during a romantic moment in the early hours last Saturday.

In the video, Maybeth, 34, has her back against the railing and then sits on top of it as she and Hector, 36, embrace and cars pass by on the road below.

Maybeth wraps her legs around Hector’s waist and he puts his arms around her, but within seconds she loses her balance and begins to fall backwards over the metal railing.

Footage shows the couple clinging to each other and then desperately reaching for the barrier as they plunge off the Bethlehem Bridge in Cusco, Peru.

Both were alive in the moments after they landed on the road below, according to emergency officials.

Hector had suffered a serious head injury.

Witnesses raised the alarm after seeing the pair fall. Officials said the pair plunged about 50ft from the bridge.

They were rushed to hospital, but they could not be saved. Both were pronounced dead a short time later.

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