Apprehension in Mafon, Lagos as Vandalized Pipeline Leaks Fuel

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Residents of Imafon in the Idimu area of Lagos are apprehensive for their safety as several litres of fuel spill out of a leaking pipeline that had been vandalized.

A twitter user who lives in the area first announced it on Wednesday morning.

“Pipe vandalization at Mafon, Idimu. Everywhere is smelling fuel. This is a time bomb. I don’t know who to call. Help me RT till the appropriate body sees it,”

According to the resident, whose Twitter handle is ‘Bad influence’ the entire area is surrounded with fuel. He said three tankers came by 3am to burst pipe and steal fuel, adding that;

“We are the cause of our demise in Nigeria. This is a potential disaster about to happen. Innocent lives, pregnant women and kids in danger because of some selfish group.”

He also said calls have been made, and by 8:21 am no government agency was there.

“The community have taken it upon themselves to ban everyone from cooking and to block vehicles from coming in or going out. But for how long? Something needs to be done as soon as possible”

He later announced that the fire service had arrived but there was no other government agency around, not even the NNPC.

“A curfew have been mounted by Neighbourhood watch and civil defence. Its only Nnpc that can repair and replace the pipes and they are still not here. God save us, ” he said.

Nigeria has a history of pipeline explosions caused by vandalization and leading to extensive loss of humans and valuables.

On October 18, 1998, a pipeline explosion occurred in the community of Jesse, Delta State, killing over 1,000 people. After igniting on October 18, the fire burned until a firefighting company from the United States was able to extinguish the blaze on October 23 with a nitrogen-rich foam.

On 15 May 2008 a pipeline explosion occurred in the community of Ijegun, a suburb north of Lagos, Nigeria, killing over 100 people. The explosion took place after a bulldozer struck an oil pipeline.

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