Abraham Adesanya, Ajah Residents Lament as Water Takes Over Road, Homes

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Residents of Abraham Adesanya Estate and Ajah area of Eti-Osa local government in Lagos have cried out to the state government for help after a deluge of water took over the roads leading to their communities and flooded their homes.

Today’s Echo gathers that, after a heavy downpour on Monday morning, sections of the Lekki-Epe Expressway at the Abraham Adesanya roundabout became flooded. This led to a traffic lock jam along the road on Monday evening, making it difficult for residents of the area to reach their homes from work. The traffic extended from Abraham Adesanya roundabout, down to Agungi along the Lekki-Epe Express.

A resident of the area, Uzor told Today’s Echo he couldn’t go back home and had to sleep over at a friend’s house.

“I couldn’t get to my house. I had to pack my car in the office because I was afraid that the water will get into my car if I drive through the flood. Also, the traffic was too heavy.” Uzor said.

Tayo, another resident of Ajah who spoke to Today’s Echo, said he got home around 11.00pm, after leaving his office at Chevy View Estate exactly 7:00pm. It took 4 hours on a journey that usually lasted less than 30 minutes.

Although, the entire Lekki corridor is known to be prone to flood, this level of flooding seems to be unprecedented in the Abraham Adesanya area.

Some residents attribute the incidence to the rapid development of real estate in the area without adequate provision of drainage systems. Also, a lot of land is reclaimed during the construction of these properties.

“Government & developers are reclaiming land in this corridor without adequate drainage facilities. In more serious climes, similar neighborhoods will be serviced by a subterranean drainage channel,” a twitter user with the name Olaudah Equiano said.

Some other people attributed the incidence to the ongoing massive land reclamation at Eko Atlantic City.

“The Eko Atlantic City & its attending “reclaiming of land from the sea” will always get Lagos flooded until experts do the needful. When you were filling the ocean up with sand to build a city, you didn’t know that water will always find where to go even if it is Abraham Adesanya,” another Twitter user said.

Whatever may be the cause of the unprecedented flooding in the area, it is pertinent that government and other stakeholders respond fast so to ease the suffering of the people and prevent loss of lives.

See some of the tweets concerning the incidence below:

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