Woman, two other Nigerians busted for Cocaine traficking in India

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The Narcotics Control Bureau, Bengaluru, India, has arrested a Nigerian woman, 26-year-old Irene Omoibe and others, including two Nigerian men while busting a cocaine trafficking network in the city between Thursday and Friday.

According to reports, the woman was initially arrested while traveling from Mumbai to Bengaluru on January 17.
Upon questioning, she said she was carrying about 400 grams of cocaine to deliver to other members of the network. Based on her information, they arrested three others, two Nigerians and one Sudanese, all males, waiting for her in a car.

A man named Nwanoro Chigbo Victor is the suspected kingpin. The other suspect, Kenneth Jideofor, was once involved in four other NDPS cases and was recently out on bail. Antwan Faisal Mohammad is the other arrested suspect. All the accused are suspected to be overstaying in the country with fake documents and IDs.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has arrested a Nigerian national after he was caught in possession of 25 kilograms of ephedrine. Officials said they received specific inputs about the Nigerian national’s involvement in ephedrine trafficking.

The number of Nigerians arrested in India on drug charges has risen in recent times.

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