Violent female Russian thugs say they are ready for the world cup

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Shocking footage shows Russia’s all-female ultras in training camps exchanging punches and flying kicks.

The video, which shows the woman undergoing combat training, has emerged as their male counterparts are causing chaos at Euro 2016 and launching brutal attacks on English fans.

These violent young women belong to the same branches of organised thugs that have rampaged through the streets of Marseille and Lille, and a number are known for their racist and homophobic views.

Savage gangs such as the Steel Monsters and Orel Butchers have been behind some of the most disturbing acts of football hooliganism witnessed in recent years.

But while the men have dominated the media for their crimes at the Euros, the women are training to unleash their own barrage of sick violence at the World Cup in 2018, it has been reported.

They have been given the names Female Mob or Slavyanki Gang, Regional Girls and Siege Girls, and say they are ready to “greet the foreigners” at the tournament in two years’ time.

One clip shows the women in a snow covered field, and on command they run towards each other and fists start to fly.

When some fall to the ground they are kicked.

It is unclear if any of the women are currently in France, but one wrote online: “We’ll be waiting for our foreign guests at WC2018.”

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