Trump Accused of Killing Personal Assistant, Carolyn Gombell in 2000

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 27- A Twitter user with over 6.1 million followers has accused the United States president, Donald Trump of murdering his personal assistant Carolyn Gombell 20 years ago, Today’s Echo has gathered.

According to the accuser whose twitter handle is @TheTweetOfGod, in October 2000 Donald Trump allegedly strangled his assistant because he got her pregnant and she threatened to go public with the news. At this point Donald Trump became enraged and strangled her according to the rumor. The person who revealed the information says Donald Trump bribed NYPD Police Chief Bernie Kierik to cover up his crime. Now # JusticeForCarolyn is viral on social media.

According to the accuser, Carolyn Gombell’s mother has AN AUDIO RECORDING of her daughter the night before she was killed saying, “If something happens to me it was Donald.”

He also said that orensics at first tentatively matched the residual thumbprints found on Carolyn’s neck as ‘matching’ Trump’s own (small) hands, but that finding was later amended and officially ruled ‘inconclusive’.

“By the way, it’s also interesting that Carolyn’s New York roommate Michelle White ‘committed suicide’ by jumping in front of a subway train NOT TWO WEEKS LATER,” the accuser added.

Take a look at the tweets below that tell the story behind the alleged murder of Donald Trump’s assistant Carolyn Gombel:

Of course, any small amount of research reveals that Carolyn Gombell is not a real person. The joke is in response to Twitter’s refusal to take down Trump’s misleading tweets. Mainly, Trump has been falsely accusing MSNBC Host, Joe Scarborough of murder. The decision was made on Tuesday by Twitter to start placing a fact check label under the President’s tweets. This is the first time Twitter has done this to anyone on their platform.

Many Americans are having a lot of fun at the President’s expense. Only time will tell if Twitter’s decision to fact check the President will have the desired effect.

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