South African lady burnt to death by boyfriend (graphic photos)

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A South African lady, Smangele has died from agony after her boyfriend, Prince Mthombeni set her on fine.

According to reports, the boyfriend poured parffin on her before setting her ablaze. She was rushed to the hospital, where she eventually died days later.

The deceased sister wrote:

This lady right here is my little sister,Smangele and a few day ago she was admitted to hospital because this coward guy in the picture Nkosana sipho prince mthombeni poured paraffin on her and set her on fire…today at 2am Smangele Pearl kholeka mnisi Mahlangu died in hospital after suffering huge amounts of agony…nkosana will have the Lord deal with him and I hope he rots in jail for life…RIP Smangele mnisi you’re loved.

See more photos below:

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