Shred Boarding Passes After Use, DCP Admonishes Nigerians

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‘Since hunters have learnt to shoot without missing, Eneke the bird has also learnt to fly without perching’, this adage from one of Chinua Achebe’s pieces may very well describe the precautionary measures that Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tunji Disu has advised Nigerians to take in disarming criminals.

The DCP took to his Twitter handle to announce that criminals now carry out fraudulent activities through boarding passes discarded by passengers and advised that it be shredded after use.

“After use, always shred your boarding pass and receipts with QR/ BARCODES. If it falls into wrong hands, criminals with scanners can have access to your name, address, seat no etc.

They can access details of a frequent flyer’s ATM details. Never upload ur boarding pass on social media,” he tweeted.

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