Nigerians condemn assault on Okunola, senior police officer

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Many Nigerians have taken to Twitter to condemn the assault on a Commissioner of Police, Kola Okunola by suspected political thugs during the presidential elections.

In a disturbing video posted on social media, Okunola is seen looking distraught and surprised as he is dragged roughly by a horde of angry looking boys.

Initially, some people had accused him of trying to rig for the ruling party APC. However, the narrative changed when someone identified one of Okunola’s assaulters as a member of the APC through his cap.

According to a twitter user, Okunola was trying to prevent rigging when angry supporters of a particular party grabbed him, beat him up and stripped him naked.

#AssaultOnOkunola continues to trend on Twitter as many people condemn the humiliation of this senior police officer.

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