Nigerian man arrested with cocaine at Indian’s Kolkata airport

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The India Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has nabbed a Nigerian national at the Kolkata airport after he was found in possession of cocaine weighing around 170 grams.

Acting on specific information that a huge consignment of the banned drug was being delivered in the city, the NCB zonal unit in Kolkata carried out a surveillance near a shopping mall in the city’s New Town area on Thursday to arrest 28-year-old James Kevin Edward.

NCB officials have recovered a packet containing 125 grams of white coloured powder substance, believed to be cocaine along with thirty black capsules weighing 45 grams from the possession of the Nigerian national.

According to officials, the seized drug is worth Rs 1 crore in international market and sells at a rate of Rs 60,000 per gram locally in India.

“During our last seizure of Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), a popular psychedelic drug in December, we found few users in the city and began tracing their numbers and discovered that Kolkata has a market for cocaine. Subsequently we mounted a surveillance and got intelligence that a Nigerian had arrived in the city with a consignment,” informed Dilip Kumar Srivastava, zonal director of NCB.

“Based on the input we arrested this person. A similar operation is underway in Mumbai as the trafficker was working at the behest of a gang that is operating out of Mumbai,” Srivastava added.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that Edward used to visit Kolkata as a footballer and had come in November last year too. Not just Kolkata, he is involved in trafficking of narcotic drugs across various Indian cities and this was his third trip to the city.

He had landed from Mumbai on Thursday by an Indigo airlines flight and had entered India through New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport on September 23 last year. “We have found that the trafficker has been visiting Kolkata, Hyderbad, Mumbai and Goa quite frequently,” Srivastava said.

NCB officials say the accused has revealed that the consignment was brought into the country by concealing it inside the body cavity of human couriers.

He has also confessed that the consignment was brought to Kolkata on behalf of a drug racket operating from Mumbai and was supposed to hand over the stuff to an agent in Kolkata

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