NANS launches campaign on sexual abuse in universities

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The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has launched a campaign against sexual affairs between university lecturers and their students.

This was disclosed by the National President of the Association, Comrade Chinonso Obasi in an exclusive interview with Daily Trust, in Abuja.
“NANS on our own has launched a campaign against these atrocities to ensure it is tackled”.
According to him, NANS Senate President Taiwo Bamidele and Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the association, Idewu Isreal was already going campus to campus to ensure that sex scandal is stopped.
According to him, the management and chief executive officers of the institutions should design a way of checkmating the day-to-day affairs of the lecturers.
Obasi said it would go a long way in making the lecturers to conduct themselves well and abide by the rules of their professions.
He alleged that the weakening of the students unions has been creating loopholes for platform that was supposed to be speaking and advocating for students to be compromised.
He said that sometimes the chief executive officers of some institutions got ill-advice that if they run an institution without union activities it would help them not to have any obstructions.
But he insisted that it was only when the CEOs of the institutions allowed the creation of formidable unions activities that could achieve their goals.
He advised students not to get involved in sexual acts with any lecturer for getting marks or any academic favour.
He urged them to report any sexual harassment by their lecturers to the appropriate authority.

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