Man Sentenced to 15 years for Attempted Attack on White House

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SWITZERLAND, JULY 24 – A Georgian man was sentenced on Thursday, July 23, to 15 years in prison for plotting an attack on the White House and other Washington, D.C., monuments, according to U.S. court officials.

23-year-old, Hasher Jallal Taheb, pleaded guilty to the attempted destruction of government property by fire or explosive.

“Taheb painstakingly planned an attack on the White House that potentially jeopardized the lives of White House employees and visitors.

“We are thankful to members of our community and our federal and state law enforcement partners who identified Taheb’s scheme and worked cooperatively to bring him to justice,” U.S. Attorney Byung J. said in a statement. 

Taheb was arrested on Jan. 16, 2019, during a meeting with undercover FBI special agents at a store in Buford where he expected to obtain semi-automatic assault rifles, explosive devices and an anti-tank weapon.

According to Byung, an informant from the metro Atlanta area first reported concerns that Taheb, the then 21-year-old had become “radicalized” and planned to travel abroad, to a local law enforcement agency in March of 2018.

A subsequent FBI undercover operation allegedly found that Taheb had applied for a U.S. passport three months later, in June 2018 as he wanted to participate in “jihad” by attacking prominent U.S. monuments such as the White House, Statue of Liberty and others in the Washington area, including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and a synagogue.

Undercover FBI special agents met with Taheb in January 2019, where he produced sketches of the White House and described the types of weapons he planned to use in the attacks, including semi-automatic weapons, improvised explosive devices, an anti-tank weapon and hand grenades.

Taheb was arrested after he loaded the weapons into a rental vehicle. Judicial authorities confirmed that none of his listed targets were ever truly threatened by the plot.

Following his prison term, Taheb will be on supervised release for three years.

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