Kemi Olunloyo Cries Out For Help After Robbery Attack

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Switzerland, June 18

Controversial journalist and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo, whose home was reportedly invaded by armed robbers on Friday, 14th June, has cried out for help and vengeance upon her tormentors.

The middle aged woman who is often considered an attention seeker, shared photos of her injured self on Instagram, being injuries sustained from the attack. She lamented that it is sad enough to go through such trauma but for people to call her a liar who made the robbery story up, is unfair and sad.

She condemned SARS investigators whom she said would rather harass young people than actually do something to track down their lost phones, devices or even the robbers den.

She wrote, “HELP ME IF YOU CAN!😢TRAUMA UPON TRAUMA. IT CONTINUES SADLY😟😟😟 Good morning, Thank you to all those who sent prayers to me & my son. I did not want to upset my fans with my UNENDING TRAUMA.

“You can be beaten with weapons by anyone even though they would rather kill you be it strangers, friends or family. Some ppl say no robbery happened in my house 6/14/19 cos I didn’t post pictures of a crime scene when armed men with cutlasses, guns to our heads and metal rod bars used to subdue us are walking free.

“My son almost beheaded! SARS investigators are pissed off working to track phones, devices we lost to track robbery dens etc. Instead they are busy during the day harassing young ppl looking into their phone extorting many. The police reform bill has been passed. No extrajudicial killings anymore, we want to see the faces of thieves.

“I fought Segun Awosanya #Segalink vigorously on many levels 2 not #endsars but to REFORM IT. SARS should have been stalking our neighbourhood that night, an area frequent with break ins in the Agodi GRA.”

While noting that she has nothing left as life keeps dealing her blows, she, however, pleaded with the good people of the Nigerians to help alleviate her suffering by donating to her crowdfunding account which was opened for her PTSD treatment.

“I am still crowdfunding for my #PTSD treatment. My life is in turmoil and fear. I’m in an undisclosed location in Nigeria. Moving back to America is not as easy as you think. I have nothing left over there. I sold everything when I lost my business during my 2017 arrest. All those who ruined my livelihood know their time will come.

“All those who say I made a robbery up where my 79yo mother, a former first lady was held at gunpoint and cutlasses, metal rods, gun butts used to beat us, my son @richkjtmusic has been screaming in his dream “don’t kill anybody” waking up to nightmares will have their time come soon.

“Like notable Northern Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu said “We are all victims waiting to happen”. Continue donating any amount to my #ptsd fund and to those who have done so, God will replenish you. Like Aisha said about my son, he is now under medical care too. 
3020832750 @firstbanknigeria
Olukemi Olunloyo
GoFundMe on bio.”

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