Senator Abbo, Wife React To Viral Video

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In a bid to exonerate himself following the continuous call for his prosecution, Senator Elisha and his wife Emily Abbo have reacted to the scandal.

Although the senator promised to release an official statement today according to reports, he, confirmed that he is indeed the man in the video but pointed out that the incident happened before he became a lawmaker and explained the reason for his outburst.

The Senator claimed that the roughly 10-minute video was incomplete, adding that he was at the shop because his sister had been assaulted there and that part was left out.

“We will soon release an official statement to the viral video which happened before I became a senator where my younger sister was beaten to a pulp in a shop and I was called upon there; where I had to call an ambulance and a police to come to the scene and it got out of hand I was also assaulted.

“It is an old video, but we will soon release a statement to that effect.

“It was my sister that was at the store and she was assaulted; in fact, she fainted in the shop but they compressed the video and cut that part out of it.

“They took her out to resuscitate her, the one standing with a cap is a doctor, the doctor had to come to give her life. My sister is not in the video, it was completely cropped out of it,” he said, adding that he would be demanding the release of the full recording.

The senator further noted that this is happening now because of his political position, “this is a political season and I am now a politician, before I was not a politician but now the reality of the fact is that I am now a politician and politicians are not people who are liked, they exhume things of 20 years and they hang it on their neck now,” he said.

In the same vein, Emily through her social media handle page drummed support for her husband, saying “I stand with you babana.”

She went on to add that her husband is innocent of all accusatory remarks by Nigerians.

The assault, which was first reported by Premium Times.

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  1. Nasir Abbas 8 July, 2019 at 16:35 Reply

    And were does he placed the northern Government s and Governors. In this equation? Iet us be realistic. Blames and Lamentations is not the answer.

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