Buhari Condemns Airstrike on Libya Migrant Camp Where 150 Nigerians are Kept

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President Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the airstrike on a Libyan migrant detention facility in which African migrants, including up to 150 Nigerians are kept in Tripoli, the country’s capital.

At least 44 people were killed and over 130 injured in the unprecedented attack, which the United Nations say, may amount to war crimes. Libya’s UN-backed government accuses forces loyal to Benghazi-based warlord, General Halifa Haftar of being responsible for the heinous act.

On Wednesday afternoon, President Buhari wrote:

“The airstrike on a migrant centre near Tripoli, Libya, is inhuman, wicked and callous. An international investigation is required; those behind this horrendous attack on helpless and defenceless people must be brought to justice.”

The latest tragedy has again brought to the fore, the issue of thousands of people from Nigeria and other countries desperately trying to migrate to Europe through the Sahara Desert and the Libyan coast. They are subjected to grievous danger in the hands of terrorists, smugglers and the high sea as they struggle to get to greener pastures. Now a lot of them are stranded in war-torn Libya.

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