150kg woman kills 9-year-old girl by sitting on her as punishment

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Veronica Green Posey, 64 has been charged with murder after she allegedly crushed a nine-year-old girl to death by sitting on her as punishment.

Veronica faces a possible life sentence if she is convicted and is also looking at the prospect of being charged with aggravated child abuse.

It is alleged that she told police and paramedics responding to a 911 call that she sat on her cousin, Dericka Lindsay, because the girl had been out of control.

The girl had told Posey and her adoptive parents that she was unable to breathe during the punishment at her home in Pensacola, Florida, which lasted for about 10 minutes.

Even after she said she was struggling to breathe, 325lb Posey allegedly stayed on top of her for another two minutes. The girl’s parents Grace Smith and James Smith also face neglect charges.

Posey is free on $125,000 bail. Jail records don’t list an attorney. Mike Carroll, secretary of the Florida Department of Children and Families, issued a statement that called the child’s death ‘appalling.’

He said the agency will work with the sheriff’s office to hold those responsible for her death accountable.

‘As the family has a prior interaction with the child welfare system, a thorough quality assurance review will be conducted to review all prior interactions this family has had with the child welfare system,’ the statement said

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