SystemSpecs: Nigerian Frontline Tech Firm Unveils New Corporate Identity, New Solutions

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SWITZERLAND, FEBRUARY 03 – SystemSpecs, frontline Nigerian technology firm, SystemSpecs has unveiled a new corporate identity at an event that held at its new headquarters in Lagos to herald the new season of its business operations.

This would allow the tech firm to explore greater fields of business possibilities and rapidly enhance the delivery of top-notch technology solutions and services to diverse market segments in Nigeria and across Africa.

Arguably the oldest indigenous software firm in Nigeria, SystemSpecs is a leading provider of innovative financial technology and human capital management solutions in Africa. Founded in 1991 by John Obaro, an ex-banker, the company’s organic growth over the past 28 years of existence has been exceptional with an amazing history marked by the release of monumental technology solutions.

During the event on Sunday, February 02, 2020, the firm unveiled a new logo. It also announced the release of Paylink by Remita, a new product that empowers individuals, businesses and non-profits, especially those that seek to optimise social media as a one-stop-shop, to receive payments by simply sharing a link.

Speaking on the essence of the brand fresh, John Obaro, Managing Director of the 28-year-old firm said: “Easily recognisable for the development and provision of top-class software technology solutions and services, we desire that our name resonates with all our stakeholders—customers, partners, investors, talent, aggregators, regulators, among others—anywhere on the globe as the home of inspired people, innovative solutions, excellent customer service and integrity.”

Obaro added that while SystemSpecs’ corporate brand identity would be refreshed to advantageously position the brand to harness the limitless opportunities of the future, the firm’s “values of ethics and integrity in business, true friendship with our customers, open family-based relationships at work, respect for our neighborhood and our people, and diligence in our work that we may stand before kings” would remain the same.

SystemSpecs’ new corporate identity is reflected in its logo which is distinctive in design and colouration and depicts the brand’s promise to stakeholders.

“The unambiguous black colour in which our company name is written represents solid character and traces our origin back home as an indigenously Nigerian and African company. For us, our Nigerian and African origins remain a driving force as we project our country and continent as veritable sources of innovative technology that can rival any from other parts of the world,” Obaro said

The three dots atop the inscription of the company’s name symbolise the company’s progression.

The first dot represents Nigeria while the other two signify the movement of the company to the entire African market and the rest of the world.

In affirmation of its new strategic business direction, SystemSpecs also recently restructured its new business operation into four strategic business units (SBU) – Infrastructure and Payment Gateway; Applications and Vertical Markets; Human Capital Solutions and Services; and Public Sector and Special Projects.

Infrastructure and Payment Gateway SBU would provide critical technology backbone to banks, payment processors, aggregators, and other service providers.

Applications and Vertical Markets SBU is responsible for all of SystemSpecs’ retail and corporate customer-focused financial products and services.

The third, Human Capital Solutions and Services SBU, manages all payroll and human resources-focused products and services, for which the company was primarily known in its earlier years and the new HumanManager, its trailblazing human resources management solution.

Public Sector and Special Projects is in charge of the adoption of the firm’s solutions by governments across Africa and would oversee the Federal Government of Nigeria’s Treasury Single Account (TSA) and SystemSpecs’ business in about 22 states nationwide.

The organisation’s new structure of operation reinforces its commitment to better serve our customers across different spectra, improve its visibility and cross-industry prominence, and free up its people for business and career growth.

Founded about three decades ago, SystemSpecs is translating the African technology dream into reality by providing innovative technology solutions and services to organisations and individuals on the continent.

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