SystemSpecs emerges ‘Next Bulls’ at the 5th NSE/BusinessDay Top CEO Awards

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SWITZERLAND, MAY 13, (TODAY’SECHO) – Nigerian FinTech company, SystemSpecs Limited, has received the ‘Next Bull’ award at the 5th Nigerian Stocks Exchange/ BusinessDay Top CEO awards, which took place over the weekend.

Guests present at the event include Oscar Onyema, CEO, the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and Ahmed Kuru, MD/CEO, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON), John Obaro, Managing Director, SystemSpecs, and Frank Aigbogun, Publisher, BusinessDay Newspaper.

Speaking with our correspondent, the SystemSpecs Managing Director, John Obaro expressed surprised delight at the award.

According to Obaro, the award is seen as an encouragement although it was totally unexpected.

“The organizers have done their research and a number of their respondents expressed interest in saying SystemSpecs should be in the stock market. We see it as a honour. we are encouraged, and we are challenged because if you are on the stock exchange you are walking a tighter rope because more eyes are on you.”

SystemSpecs is the creator of Remita, the FinTech solution powering the Federal Government’s Treasury Single Account(TSA). It also produced cutting-edge Human Resource software, Human Manager, which is being used by several corporate entities in the private and public sectors. Remita’s success in operating the TSA has attracted a lot of interest in the 28-year-old outfit.

Speaking further on the award, Obaro said:

“….for you to even get there in the first place, people have seen the potentials in you…. we see it as a recognition of what we have done, which we have underestimated. ….for outsiders to bring it to our attention that
they are interested in what we are doing, it is encouraging”

Speaking on the future for SystemSpecs, Obaro said:

“We have been in the business for 27 years even as technology changes, and we will continue to keep up the pace. We have to remain at the forefront of new technology…solving real life problems.”

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