Richard Branson gives ‘life saving’ advice

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Mr Richard Branson has gone philosophical warning people against surrounding themselves with those that would impede their growth.

“If you surround yourself with people who belittle your dreams or don’t support you then it will be twice as hard to get your idea off the ground.

“Life is also a lot more fun when you’re all smiling.

Positivity breeds positivity and I like to surround myself with a team of people with can-do attitudes,’’ he said.

Branson of Virgin Airlines articulated his thoughts in his book `Introducing WEconomy.

The book espouses how purpose and profit combined, have the power to change the world.

He advised: “Surround yourself with people who can bring out the best in you.’’

He also in his tweet emphasised his thoughts.

Aside the fortunes of the airlines, Virgin’s telecom has introduced a 4G band “with no caps, throttling or hidden catches, Truly Unlimited is a mobile plan created exclusively” for Virgin Media’s TV, broadband and landline customers.

“It highlights the company’s commitment to existing customers, demonstrating their ambition to go the extra mile for the most loyal customers.

Unlike most ‘unlimited’ offerings, Virgin media’s new plan is truly unlimited, giving you no need to worry about going over your limits. Users can enjoy unlimited texts, minutes and data for just £25 a month, without fearing a big bill. Plus, Virgin Media has just boosted its 4G speed to up to

Truly Unlimited is a step towards bringing Virgin Mobile and Virgin Media’s services closer together to offer even more benefits to cable customers choosing Virgin Mobile services.

With ultrafast broadband from Virgin Media and top deals from Virgin Mobile, you can have fast speeds at your fingertips, whether you’re at home or on the go – and with Truly

Unlimited you don’t need to worry that you’re getting close to your data limit.

“Virgin Mobile is giving our customers peace of mind by eliminating the fear of running out of data,” Jeff Dodds, Managing Director at Virgin Mobile, said. “Unlike our competitors, we won’t enforce caps or throttle speeds; our Truly Unlimited customers will get what it says on the tin – a truly unlimited service. Loyalty deserves to be rewarded and we’re going the extra mile to give our customers the best.

“From fast 4G to huge data plans, our customers are always covered.”

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