Rich men oppress in Lagos as fuel scarcity bites (video)

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The sceptre of oppression seems to have been lifted higher especially in Lagos as the rich and powerful are the ones accorded all the respect and privileges as the current fuel scarcity crisis persists in the country.

What Today’s Echo discovered on tour across Lagos is that those who are able to bribe fuel station attendants and area boys are the ones that have unbridled access to petroleum products in a season which has seen fuel shortages and long queues across the country.

“It’s strange that I have been here on a queues since 4.30m am and have not gotten fuel to buy while the rich who can bribe just stroll in fill their tanks, and all the extra cans hidden in their vehicles and leave,” Jeremy Adeosun told Todey’s Echo at a petrol station in Ojuelegba Lagos.

Right before the eyes of the reporter the rich and powerful stroll in and buy whatever quantity they want provided the buyer is ready to pay the required bribe. “It’s a shame that even the during the Goodluck Jonathan era, things were not as bad as this,”Ifelodun Martins a vulcaniser told the reporter.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) revealed yesterday that the landing cost of imported petrol is now N171 per litre, but emphatically stated that it will continue to make it available to Nigerians at the approved N145 a litre.

The NNPC Group Managing Director, Maikanti Baru disclosed the new level of subsidy as the corporation and sister organisations turned the supply of fuel into a war room affair.

He said while the NNPC would naturally focus on increasing the volume of products on offer, the DPR, PEF and PPRA have scaled-up monitoring activities to ensure seamless loading and dispensing of fuel nationwide and to specifically ensure deliveries to designated stations and sales at the approved retail price of N145/litre.

On the volume of products available for supply, the NNPC GMD informed that 13 vessels laden with over 650 million litres of products were currently discharging their contents at the sea port while additional vessels have being lined up to berth early January 2018.

He said 814 million litres of petrol were currently being injected into the system to guarantee nationwide elimination of fuel queues before the end of the year.

Representatives of DPR, PEF and PPPRA at the conference registered their agencies’ resolve to work with the NNPC to restore sanity in the supply and distribution of petroleum products.

Baru expressed empathy and strong solidarity with members of the public over the lingering challenge in accessing petroleum products across the country just as it reeled out multiple measures to end the unfortunate situation before the end of the year.

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