NCAA Bans Macbook Laptop Model in Planes

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SWITZERLAND, SEPTEMBER 30- Carrying of a particular brand and model of laptop inside the airplane has been banned by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

The civil aviation regulator said the affected product model is the RETINA, 15 MID 2015 which has been recalled by the manufacturer due to battery problem. According to the NCAA, the computer can become a risk to aviation safety due to overheating.

The warning, contained in a circular dated September 25 and signed by the Director of Operations and Training, NCAA, Capt. Abdullahi Sidi, on behalf of the Director General, Capt. Muhtar Usman, was made available to our correspondent on Sunday.

“This is to inform all operators and service providers that the carriage of Macbook Pro Model: RETINA, 15 MID 2015 with immediate effect is hereby barred on all flights,” the circular read in part.

In August, U.S. airline safety regulators banned select MacBook Pro laptops on flights after Apple Inc. recently said that some units had batteries that posed a fire risk.

In a statement, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said it was “aware of the recalled batteries that are used in some Apple MacBook Pro laptops” and stated that it alerted major U.S. airlines about the recall.

The watchdog also reminded airlines to follow 2016 safety instructions for goods with recalled batteries, which means that the affected Apple laptops should not be taken on flights as cargo or in carry-on baggage by passengers.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency issued a warning about these MacBook Pro models earlier this month, telling airlines in the region to follow 2017 rules that require devices with recalled lithium-ion batteries to be switched off and not used during flights.

The Apple laptops in question are some 15-inch MacBook Pros sold between September 2015 and February 2017. Apple issued the recall in June, saying it had “determined that, in a limited number of older generation 15-inch MacBook Pro units, the battery may overheat and pose a fire safety risk.”

In one week in August, four airlines with cargo operations managed by Total Cargo Expertise — TUI Group Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Air Italy, and Air Transat — implemented a ban, barring the laptops from being brought onto the carriers’ planes as cargo, according to an internal notice obtained by Bloomberg News.

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