In Abuja, stakeholders, discuss conflict in the extractive industries today

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In Abuja, stakeholders, discuss conflict in the extractive industries today
Today, May 21, 2018, experts, host communities, representatives from the government, and other stakeholders will in Abuja today, discuss the management of conflicts in the extractive industries in Nigeria. This will happen at the 7th Sustainability in the Extractive Industries (SITEI) conference, starting today at the Shehu Yar-Adua centre in Abuja. The conference will last for two days. The extractive industries sector consists of the oil and gas, mining, and quarry industries.

SITEI is organized by CSR-in Action(CiA), a sustainability advocacy and consulting outfit, based in Lagos. The topic for this year’s SITEI conference, ‘Managing conflicts and security in the extractive industries’ is predicated on the current realities of the sector, which generates the bulk of revenue for the Nigerian government but often experiences turbulence.

Stakeholders have remarked that violence is the biggest problem in the extractive industry with a harp on the need for sustainability.
Dr Ladi Bada, a member of the SITEI steering committee, gave several examples of countries where extractive activities have led to conflicts, including the Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Congo, saying the major cause of these conflicts is inability of critical stakeholders to ensure sustainability, such that communities where resources are extracted are not destroyed.

“For businesses to succeed at the bottom line, they have to practice sustainability. But sustainability goes beyond being environment friendly, it also includes being people friendly,” he added.

According to the CEO of CSR-in-Action, Bekeme Masade, the drive for the SITEI conference is the search for fiscal justice in the extractive industries.
“By fiscal justice, I am talking about the fair management and distribution of resources, ensuring that they are managed transparently, and all stakeholders benefit accordingly.”

She added that during this year’s conference, stakeholders will identify the local causes of conflicts, proffer best practice solutions, and inspire the government to develop a practical framework for preventing and resolving conflicts in the extractive industries.

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