FG seeks assistance from Belarus on technology for pipeline security

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There are indications that the Federal Government is seeking the assistance of the republic of Belarus in deploying technology to secure Nigeria’s oil pipelines.

Today’s Echo gathers that Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC), Maikantu Baru met with the ambassador of Belarus, Vyacheslav Bril on Thursday and a major part of the discussion for that meeting is the issue of deploying technology for pipeline security.

In March, the Managing Director, Nigerian Pipelines Storage company (NPSC), Luke Anele, said the agency is deploying new technologies to monitor activities in oil pipelines across the country.

“What we are trying to do now is this, we are now moving a little further on the critical pipeline, the System 2B, we have entered into discussions with our contractor.”

According to Anele, with technology, the focus will shift from apprehending thieves and vandals, to preventing pipeline infractions. With the technology deployed, anybody approaching the pipelines will be detected and the law enforcement agents can quickly move in to apprehend trespassers.

Belarus, a former Soviet state in Eastern Europe, is considered to have had significant experience and capacity in pipeline security. The Druzhba pipeline, which traverses Belarus, has the distinction of being the world’s largest oil pipeline, bringing petroleum from Siberia to consumers in Europe.

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