E-business Leaders Seek SystemSpecs’ Input on Industry Collaborations for Innovations

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The Committee of e-Business Industry Heads (CeBIH) has sought the input of Nigerian Fintech company, and owner of Remita, SystemSpecs in fostering collaborations that will stimulate innovation in the industry.

This came up during a courtesy visit by executives of the CeBIH to the SystemSpecs office in Obalende, Lagos led by its chairman, Stanley Jacob.  The CeBIH is constituted of the upper echelon of electronic business industry practitioners in all banks in Nigeria.

They were received by a team of SystemSpecs executives, led by the Managing Director, John Obaro.

According to the CeBIH boss, Mr Stanley Jacob,  security is a serious issue in the industry and the body has a framework to tackle the issue. He called on SystemSpecs to be part of the solutions to security problems.

“We hope that one day, SystemSpecs will play a vital role in an industry-wide solution on security for other people to key in,”

Emphasizing on the importance of collaborations within the industry to foster innovation, the CeBIH chairman remarked that as a foremost practitioner of electronic business in the country, they need feedback from SystemSpecs on how to co-ordinate the industry.

Talking about the role of the CeBIH in stimulating productive collaborations, he said:

“One of the things we will do is to have a community to look into our charter and address issues around collaboration and look at things that restrict us from extending a hand to some institutions.”

Managing Director of SystemSpecs, John Obaro thanked the CeBIH team for finding time to visit them. He remarked collaboration is key in the electronic business industry, saying “No Fintech, no matter how good, can do it alone. We need to embrace the power of collaboration.”

He also said that SystemSpecs has suffered in the past, due to the inability of some people to understand what the company is doing.

“You know we are pushing some things that are slow for some people to catch on. However, things are getting better now, but the pains of the past are still hurting.”

Obaro also hinted at some of the new products being developed by SystemSpecs, including a solution that gives people better access to loans and a financial solutions technology for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs)

The CeBIH announced that it will host its annual meeting very soon. According to Stanley Jacob, last year’s event will be focussed on Financial Inclusion but this year, the Digital Economy will take the centre stage. He promised that the event will bring about a convergence of sectors and will be an opportunity for Remita to showcase some of its recent innovations.

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