Breaking: Air Peace Plane From Port Harcourt Crash Lands in Lagos

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A Boeing 737 Aircraft belonging to Air Peace flying from Port Harcourt has crash-landed in Lagos, according to media reports.

There are unconfirmed reports that the Boeing 737 Plane’s landing gear collapsed, causing it to drop 30 ft before landing.

A twitter user said the tire of the plane became detached while landing but the plane was able to land and everyone aboard is safe.

A Twitter User with the name Laolao posted this on Tuesday afternoon:

Airpeace B737 aircraft from Port Harcourt crashlands in Lagos. Heard someone saying “Again”?!. Please call to confirm if your loved ones were on that flight and check if they are safe and fine. God help us and guide us always.”

Another Twitter user remarked:

“An Air peace flight from Port Harcourt drops from 30feet unto to the runway when landing. This incident happened at about 1 PM on Tuesday 23rd. Thankfully all the passengers are ok.”

More details later

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