Aiteo Mobilises Team to Arrest Oil Leak

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Nigerian oil exploration giant, Aiteo, has announced that it has mobilised its team to the site of an oil spill its oil field.

According to a statement released by the indigenous oil company, Aiteo, operator of the NNPC /Aiteo Joint Venture on OML 29 on Friday, November 5, 2021 reported an oil spill from a non-producing well head in its Santa Barbara South field, in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

According to Aiteo, the magnitude of this incident is of an extremely high order. Neither the cause of the spill, nor the quantity of leaked hydrocarbon could be determined at the time of the discovery, though containment booms were deployed and recovery commenced immediately around the well head. 

” As an incident of this nature imports, the necessary Oil Spill Notification Report have been promptly communicated to National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA), Nigerian Upstream Regulatory Commission(NUPRC) and National Petroleum Investment Services(NAPIMS) as is required by regulation,” the statement reads.

” Ultimately, a Joint Investigative Visit, JIV to the spill site was held by all relevant stakeholders, community inclusive. The JIV at the time, was inconclusive, owing to difficulties with access due high pressure of hydrocarbons from the well head. Additionally, immediate efforts to control the leak were aborted due to the high pressure emanating from the well head.  Consequently, Aiteo has mobilized a full intervention team with well control specialists and equipment both locally and internationally to arrest the leak,” the statement continues.

According to the statement, the JIV team commended Aiteo for its prompt emergency response and handling of the incident. Further investigations on the cause of the mishap are being undertaken and will be progressed after the well has been shut in. Preliminary indications suggest that crude oil theft leaks and sabotage cannot be ruled out.

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