Huddah Monroe advises women to stick with their cheating partners


Popular Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe, has dished some words on advice to women on how to keep their relationships.

This was in a series of social media posts, where she advised women against leaving their cheating partners. According to her, every man is a visual creature. This, she says, means that men are bound to cheat no matter how good their woman is.

She however, gave being broke as one of the reasons a woman can leave her partner.

As long as the man can take care of the bills and the children, a woman shouldn’t leave, she says. However, women are advised to get busy so that they would not have time to spare in thinking about their cheating partner.A

A woman therefore, is permitted to cheat on her partner if she wants to. As long as he does not find out, she added.

Her posts below;

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