Nigeria has restated its zero intolerance for human trafficking, saying it has put in place strong measures to eradicate the menace in the country.   This was revealed by The Ambassador/Permanent Representative of Nigeria to Vienna, Mrs Vivian Okeke, in New York at the High-level Meeting of the General... Read more
Doomsday 2017: New Date Fixed for the end of the World
The conspiracy theorist who initially predicted the world would end on September 23 has reset Doomsday to 15 October. After Sept. 23 came and went without a rogue planet crashing into the Earth, some might think Christian numerologist David Meade would be out of the doomsday prediction business. But,... Read more
China’s Baidu launches $1.5 billion towards technology for autonomous driving cars
Chinese search engine Baidu Inc announced a 10 billion yuan ($1.52 billion) autonomous driving fund on Thursday as part of a wider plan to speed up its technical development and compete with U.S. rivals. After years of internal development, Baidu in April decided to open its autonomous driving technology... Read more
WHO canvases for urgent action on antibiotic-resistant infections
A recently released World Health Organisation (WHO) report has raised the alarm on the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant infections. The new report also states that the few new antibiotics currently in the pipeline cannot combat the growing threat of drug-resistant microbes. “Most of the drugs currently in the clinical pipeline... Read more
Technology takes on Africa’s poaching crisis

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Armageddon: scientists calculate how stars can nudge comets to strike Earth
More than 20 ‘death stars’ are heading towards solar system, could cause devastating comet strikes that wipe out life * Boost in search for life on Trappist-1 as Hubble finds three planets in its habitable zone may have water at surface A new research paper predicts between 19 and... Read more
‘Solar smart kiosks’ saving mobile phone users in Rwanda

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