Man says second coming of Jesus is between 2030 and 2040
Popular premelenial futurist, who has written extensively on apocalyptic issues, Don Koenig has predicted that Jesus Christ will come back to Earth between 2030 and 2040. Read his article below: I have been writing articles on the Internet since 1999. Ever since I started this ministry I have said... Read more
Taking the Buhari/Jubril story seriously: Abimbola Adelakun (opinion)
Those who refute the story of the substitution of President Muhammadu Buhari with a certain Jubril of Sudan typically deny the possibility of such and then descend to name-calling the conspiracy theorists spreading the rumour (let’s call them the Jibrilists). This approach seemed to have further strengthened the conviction... Read more
Does Buhari really know what is going on with the TSA(opinion)
Does president Buhari actually know what is going on with his much touted Treasury Single Account(TSA) policy? That is the burning question on curious minds after reading a new online article that succinctly analysis various ways in which the government has been undermining one of its own most successful... Read more
Solving national problems with local technology(opinion)
Fred Agbata Jnr writes about why Nigeria should support its locally-grown technology, using the example of Remita; a Fintech software powering the country’s TSA. There are over 101 national issues to reflect upon as Nigeria begins its 59th journey as an independent nation. Apart from the ‘hilarious’ display by... Read more
NIgeria deserves better than four more years of Buhari’s rule: German journalist(opinion)
Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has announced he will run again in the 2019 election. He has just started his work on important reforms — but that’s exactly the problem, says DW’s Thomas Mösch. President Muhammadu Buhari’s election victory three years ago was a moment of joy for many Nigerians.... Read more
Pogba: GOAT for France, scapegoat for Manchester United(opinion)
While Paul Pogba is one of the Greatest Of All Times(GOAT) for France, he has been a scapegoat for Manchester United, Peter Staunton writes on It’s been less than two months since Paul Pogba led France to their second World Cup title and this week the midfielder returned to... Read more
Nigeria changing for the better, failed elites have every reason to be terrified: Abba Kyari
Below is an article written by Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Buhari and published on Thisday: In a world dominated by instant communication and unregulated social media, the politics of who shouts loudest is increasingly the voice that is most widely heard, often with little or no... Read more
Mourinho’s misery mounts after humiliating defeat against Tottenham (opinion)
When things get really bad in his career and events spiral out of control, Jose Mourinho can never stop himself defending the one thing that matters more to him than anything in football – that being his own reputation and the achievements he has accrued over 18 years as... Read more
Why Nigeria’s favourite leader can’t be president yet: BBC (opinion)
Yemi Osinbajo is basking in the love of many Nigerians at the moment – not a common experience for politicians in this country where they are generally held in low esteem. The vice-president has been praised for the decisive – and dramatic – actions he has taken while standing... Read more
It would be an insult to describe Mourinho as Guardiola’s rival(opinion)
Money can’t buy class, argues Jose Mourinho. Nor, it seems, can it buy Manchester United a decent football team. On the weekend when he took it upon himself to criticise the description ascribed to United in Manchester City’s Amazon Prime documentary series, Mourinho was again exposed as being in charge of a... Read more